Save $100,000 by age 30 

Even if you are an average student age 15+

Improve your Financial Skills to Save $100,000 by age 30

ROI (Return on Investment)

What is your plan for age 30 financially? Look at the graph, which colored line do you think you are on?

If you have no plan then you are probably on the red or yellow lines. Why? Because anything that you buy is not part of your big picture.

This skills training class is a chance to get on the blue line and track your progress, then stay on the blue line. 


What is the LIFETIME 100by30™ ROI

By lifetime ROI, I mean what is your lifetime benefit from taking this CLASS. 

What is your lifetime ROI on 100-500 hours of your time, invested in learning 100by30?   

If you are able to learn the skill, then you can save an additional $500,000 to 1 Million dollars total in your lifetime. 

How does that compare to learning other subjects? 

That is a pretty effective use of spending 100-500 hours learning this skill. In the class I will show that the actual amount you save, CAN BE, more than that.  

Only about 17% of Millennials ages 24 to 39 have saved $100,000.   Imagine a world where most students graduate being on track to save $100,000 by age 30. The happiness of the middle class would increase dramatically.   Imagine a world where middle class adults are able to increase their saving by $1,000 to $3,000 a month, that would also make their lives much happier.   



KEY THEORY The Amount you spend or invest does not matter, when learning spending and investing skills.   It is the emotional satisfaction feeling of effective spending and investing that matters. This is the skill you are learning     

THEORY - LEARNING Skills vs taking tests   What is the financial return on financial literacy classes? For students that are not working it is very small because MOST of the new knowledge that you learn is not applied directly.        

By financial SPENDING skills, I mean how to buy an item like a book, a phone, a car, a house, college education and international travel and save $100,000 by age 30 with an average 2 year degree.   I am looking for 20 students that would like to have their life changed and not worry about money ever again.